The 4th International Meeting of the UNESCO Chair on Food, Culture and Development at the UOC.

Cáceres, Spain
Organized by
University of Extremadura
The International Commission on the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (ICAF)
UNESCO Chair on Food, Culture and Development, UOC

Conference Theme

Sustainability is an important dimension as far as Gastronomy is concerned. Gastronomy actors (producers, chefs, restaurants, public sector, but also customers, NGOs and other actors from the civil society) play a key role in spreading the message across to the system - to the whole food value chain- , about the need of developing a truly sustainability awareness, well-informed actions and the involvement in progressive changes that bring us all to a have a sustainable gastronomy and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) . The topic is a prominent issue in the agendas of governments and other agencies. This conference will examine issues surrounding the role of sustainability in food and, particularly, in gastronomy (Not only as a concept, but also as an important economic sector) from a multidisciplinary perspective, bringing social scientist (mainly anthropologists, but not only) of different sub-disciplines together with scholars from other relevant disciplines in the pursuit of a holistic and deep review of the topic.


The focus will be on human sustainability and the role of gastronomy in our societies. Gastronomy must be analyzed from a wide perspective: from food production and distribution, to the different ways of consumption and management of the food waste, including restaurants, commerce, local and global actors, from a public to a private perspective, that is to say, we are focusing on gastronomy as a complex system in the worldwide context of profound and accelerating changes that we are experiencing nowadays. The objective is to communicate and discuss findings from social and cultural research on the topic, conducted at local, regional and global levels, from micro-scale ethnographic studies to theoretical approaches to macro-level phenomena and trends, in conjunction with experts from different disciplines. It is hoped that this multidisciplinary framework will generate a dialogue between all participants, further academic understanding of the issues and have relevance for applied and policy-orientated practitioners working in this area.

Submittion Information

Use the form at the following URL to submit your proposal. Proposals sent by e-mail will not be considered.

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Accepted proposals

All proposals must have the following information: name of the proponent(s), their institutional affiliation and e-mail address; title; short abstract (max 50 words); long abstract (min 175, max 250 words).
– Proposals can be submitted in Spanish (ES) or English (EN).
To submit a paper proposal to the congress, proponents should first consult the list of  panels in order to identify the most appropriate panel for the paper they are proposing.

The panels are:
• Sustainable policies in gastronomy.
• The   role of   geographical   and   traditional food   indications   for   regional and local sustainable development.
• Foodscapes and productive cultural landscapes.
• Tourism and gastronomy. Wine tourism, oleo-tourism, fish tourism. Food and wine routes and itineraries.
• Education for a sustainable gastronomy, Food museums, etc.
• Sustainable gastronomy in restaurants, hotel, guest and rural houses, etc: strategies and alliances.
• Identity and heritage food products and traditional cuisine from a sustainable perspective.
• New food sustainable icons:  tendencies for a sustainable world. Slow tendencies: slow food, slow tourism, etc.
• Public-private partnerships for gastronomy to promote sustainability. Role of institutions, associations, foundations or gastronomy academies to promote and to consolidate sustainability and quality. Specialized agencies.
• The impact of guides and reviews rankings for sustainable food development: Michelin, Restaurant, Tripadvisor...
• Media and social media for the promotion of food sustainability.
• Food and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
• Sustainable food and big cities

30th June Deadline for Proposal Submission
15th July Estimated date for Notification

Deadline for registration: Early Bird Registration: reduced payment (25 euros-ICAF members free) and submission of documentation for proposals to be included in the program of the Congress – 31th JULY 2020.
Deadline for registration, full payment (35 euros-ICAF members free) and submission of documentation for the proposals – 23 SEPTEMBER 2020.

Contact Information

Updates about the conference will be posted at the CONGRESS OF GASTRONOMY, SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT Conference website.

For additional information, please contact the conference organizers

(F.X Medina; L. Mariano; D. Conde) at